This game is intended for players who appreciate grit and local color in their medieval-based fantasy. We are using a well-polished home-brew called Realms of Myth. The text of the rules are available for perusal free of charge at
The emphasis here is on character development and roleplaying. The setting is fantasy but firmly based on England, early to mid 1300’s, High Middle Ages. While the standards of life and living, of economics, technology and society, are all firmly based in history, the actual countries and topography of the game world are fictitious. In addition the folkways and superstitions recorded and handed down from the period translate as fact in the game world. The game world IS strange and wonderful in the way the people of the period believed it was, with a modern fantasy sensibility thoroughly integrated.
The direction and content of the game is being determined by the characters the players create, against a backdrop of greater events that give the lives of the adventurers a sense of scale and the players a sense of their characters’ places in the world.

Realms of Myth

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