Realms of Myth

Oak gives Cael some good news and Bad news.

Oak waits for just the right time to catch Cael alone.

“Cael, I have some information that concerns you. I’m choosing to use discretion on this matter and will let you decide what course of action you would like to take. I know what curse is yours to deal with…” Oak makes sure no one else sees him speaking to you.
“The curse of Eligor is that it will inspire one dastardly deed, especially a breach of honor, every time it is drawn.” Oak appears very concerned. “You have so many struggles and inner demons that you battle, I worry that the weight of what deed the sword may make you act upon will be too difficult for you to take on. You are a good man and I fear this sword’s curse will destroy you. I can’t say of how strong this inspiration toward dishonor is or if it is something that you can resist in acting upon, but it would not be a curse if it were not something that will trick you.”
Oak looks around. “I thought it best that you decide how you wish to deal with this information.”
Cael prods one of the last dying embers from the campfire with a long broken stick. The others have gone off, it seems, leaving the two of you alone as the night encroaches upon the fire’s fading light.

He listens quietly, without comment, his face expressionless until you mention his destruction. He smirks fatalistically at that, a soft snort escaping his nose.

“I assume the sword is powerless if it isn’t drawn,” he says finally. A moment’s pause, and then he shrugs. “It was not a desire for power that moved me to claim it. We simply need to keep it out of the hands of Darkness.”

He looks up at you. “Are you sure that is the bearer who commits the dastardly deed?” The question lingers ominously in the air. He turns to look in the direction at the camp, then back at you.

The elf pauses for a moment before speaking. Picks up a couple flowers near where he sits and starts weaving them into some sort of bracelet as he speaks.

‘Unfortunately, I believe that it would be you that would commit or be influenced to commit the deed. If it were a curse for the bearer of the sword, it would be one that causes struggle from within. If a random person were compelled to do things, the bearer of the sword may never know. I do believe that the ego of the curse caster is such that the curse is revealed as the swords are used.”

The once great leader Clovis must have been a great man. Once the curses were discovered I wonder if they had to weigh the risks of the curses in comparison to the task of bringing him back.

“I won’t draw it unless I must. And likely not even then,” he says finally. He stabs the ember; it sparks and goes out.

“Keep your wits about you and focus on the aspects that bring you joy. We are going to be entering into a dark place and it will be easier for thoughts of sorrow to engulf you.” He picks another weed and incorporates that into his weaving. “My gods tell me that in the grand scheme of things, you are important and will do great things in the name of the light, you Sir Cael, will help restore people’s faith and help rebuild the church to a glory beneficial to the souls of countless believers. Do not sell yourself short. There will be tests and you will prevail.”
Oak smiles and pats you on the shoulder as he gets up to leave.
Cael looks up at you, his mouth open and words caught in his throat. There is hope in his eyes, a hope that has been slowly growing since the stay in Rhiannon’s Pool.

“Oak…” he manages to get out before you are out of earshot. “Would you teach me the ways of your faith?” He pauses, looking down. “If the Church can be rebuilt… and if I will help rebuild it… then I want to know more about what we have forgotten.” He looks up at you. “I want to embrace the Light in all its facets. Can you help me?”

The Elf stops picks up another flower and turns back toward you. He continues to weave with the flower stems without even looking. “Cael, I can show you how I worship and talk to you of customs and traditions. I believe it will be important because according to what I have been told and what I have foreseen, My people’s survival depends on this rebuilding of your church. There will come a time in the future where roles will be reversed and it will be the followers of the light who will keep us of the once ways safe.” He smiles “Cael, you have a great sense of virtue and honor. It is a blessing that I was chosen to travel with you. You are destined for great things.”



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