Realms of Myth

Oak's letter to his family

Dearest Family,

Apologies that I was not able to spend more time with you over the holidays. I would have liked to have had a longer visit and share stories with each of you. Staying true to my oaths, I’m bound to other tasks though my heart is with you. Grandfather, thank you for the hospitality shown to my human companions even when they were behaving poorly. Great Aunt Tamsey, thank you for lifting Kal’s spirits. This journey has been especially hard on him. Iris and Spruce, when the Gods allow, I would like it very much if the three of us could camp out together. I have so much to tell you both and would very much like to know how you find your current paths. Ma, it was wonderful to hear you sing. The melody will stay with me in my travels and will help me feel connected to home. Pa, many thanks for joining me on my hunt and helping me prepare for my rituals. The most important rituals I have done to date, the ones where the Gods truly answer me, are rituals that you have helped me prepare. Uncle Brier, thank you for taking time out of your duties to help educate the children in combat, they very much enjoyed it and your lessons will be well remembered. Give my love to Aunt Ivy, I did not get a chance to see her before Moss returned and I did not want to disturb them.

The Gods have blessed me with such a family and I am truly thankful.

I will be back before Samhain so that I can prepare for the great hunt with Odin and Cernunnos when the horn is sounded. If you could, please bring some fresh flowers to the pool for Lady Bizarre. It would mean a lot to me and to the Lady. I want her to know that she is in my thoughts. I don’t ever want her to feel forgotten.

I now travel to rescue Lady Bess. I can’t stand the thoughts of her suffering in an Iron cell. I am glad that Skatty was able to point out that my stratagem must be planned out with more thought and less emotion. I feel too deeply sometimes and tend to leave too many things unprepared, which is not very cunning at all. I don’t need to lead the knights to their death because of my hasty ignorance. Although, there is so much debate at times over what course of action we will take, I am forced to take a deeper look at things before responding. I think this is one of the most frustrating yet effective qualities of my human companions.

I wonder if they will actually allow me to meet the human King and Queen. I have many curiosities about them and their strange customs. I am especially curious about their need to consume so much venison that no one else in their kingdom is allowed to hunt deer. Strange right? They must have experienced a shortage at some point. This human law may stem from a fear that they will run out. Maybe if I explained the breeding process of deer, they would be more at ease with their non-nobles hunting.

I should get going. There is so much for us to do.

Love to you all,



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