Realms of Myth

The troubles with Caudrai and a sensitive elf.

Oak seems unusually quiet since leaving Rhiannon’s pool. Every now and then Caudrai would swear that he was just watching him but upon glancing over at the elf, he looks elsewhere. Caudrai comes to realize that Oak usually travels near him on the roads when Oak is not taking lead, but as of late he is staying closer to Arthur. The next time Caudrai look around, the elf is staring at him again and does not look away. He nods and then rides up next to Caudrai.

Oak has an extremely guilty look upon his face that makes you wonder what he did wrong. He makes sure that he is out of earshot from the rest of the party before he speaks.

“um… hey, I want to… I think… I should tell you about your curse. I mean the one on Albion. I figure since you are a private person, I would inform you and let you decide what you want to share with everyone. I hope you know that… What I am… or I should say… and I do mean… You can trust me, I will keep your secrets. “

“I see now, having had that briefest of looks behind the curtains of Rhiannon’s Pool why we seem so strange to one another. I apologize for my… Shanricity, and shall endeavor to be more… plain with you than is my wont.”

Oak looks a bit confused and seems to be looking for words. It is clear that you caught him off guard.

Moments later, his laugh is among the trees. “Evidently I thought I would say that in the most stilted way possible!”

Sobering, "I appreciate your discretion. Your… behavior hadn’t gone unnoticed. I was just working up how to ask what offense I’d given in the Pool, and am glad that is not the case. Or at least, since I’m certain it is the case, that you are gracious enough to have put my foolishnesses aside.

“ you have no cause for thinking your behavior was poor. My grandfather seemed to be quite impressed with you. To be honest you are the only guest who acted in a rational manner.

“So. Albion. Yes. The curse. Would this be the friend-slaying one?”

“Oh no, not the kill people you travel with sword…” Oak tilts his head slightly and looks at you with curiosity. “You find me strange?.. I don’t find you strange. I do have my curiosities about you but mainly because you show people someone who is not really you… I’m sorry… I have an unfair advantage in knowing things about you though, I walked through your dreams.”

Oak stops himself from going further and again has a looks of guilt so intense that it seems even his ears droop a little. His gaze lowers to Albion’s sheath. “ Um.. So the curse of Albion is that it eliminates all armor. If anyone attacks you, you will not have the protection of your armor. This curse is in effect anytime you hold or even carry the sword. If you are to wield it, we will have to be certain that we have extra means of healing devoted to you. You can’t die while holding or carrying the sword on your person, but you can feel pain and get hurt.

“Well, to be fair, I am essentially a crap swordsman anyway, so perhaps abandoning my armor will remind me to take care, and not do things like throwing my only weapon at witches,” he grins at the elf.

The elf no longer seems guilty. He instead looks puzzled and a bit concerned.

Caudraí searches Oak’s face. “Yes, my…other companions I think found themselves tested in Rhiannon’s Pool. As did you, I think. Summoning Lady Bizarre to ask her for help,” he laughs into his hand, “sheer audacity. And quite mad, really. But you did it well, and she seemed amused – if not helpful.”

All sense of emotion leaves the elf. He seems more serious and cold at the moment than you have ever seen him.

“As for strangeness – do you truly not find me strange? Perhaps my provincial upbringing left me shallower than I realize. I mean, to be fair, I find the Cartois equally strange. I think… we shall find great growth in ourselves in interacting with each other’s oeuvres.”

“I do not find you strange Caudrai, for all your provincial upbringing, you are very much the same as any other man. Words to masque the simplicity and delicate nature of your emotions. Quick to use your tongue to throw venom… Quite a common thing to do when faced with a subject to which one might feel exposed. I was not tested in my homeland, I was given instruction about you as well as Arthur and Cael. My gods have never been clearer in their advice. I summoned Lady Bizarre because I was asked by Arthur to do so. She may be your God Mother but… She is more than you currently realize.” He shakes his head as if to snap himself out of current thought.

“I have allowed many of my actions to be determined by you.” He motions to you, Arthur and Cael. “I see that it is probably for the best that I use more restraint in how willing I am to bend to the groups’ wishes. We would have had a way to rescue Bess had it not been for your decision to use my acorn to ask which road we should travel. I would be better prepared for battles and have been able to make greek fire had you not decided that I need to leave my supplies behind. Now it seems that I allowed Arthur and Cael to convince me to FOOLISHY summon Lady Bizzare in front of my family and people. I am glad you are amused at least. I really had nothing better to do than to make a mockery of my beliefs and my station for your entertainment. "

“I guess your venom works well, my thoughts at the moment seem to be poisoned”

The elf, keeping his expressions as emotionless as possible, leaves you and heads to the back of the party. He seems to ignore your very existence. He watches the woods with the intensity he gets usually when hunting for something.

“Well,” Caudraí mutters to himself, “that’s capital.”


And then turning back to the path ahead: “Stranger and stranger things became as they rode into the wood….”


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