Edred Longshanks

An old friend of Lucien and a Mountebank performer


Height: 5’7”
Weight: 153lbs
Eyes: Moss Green
Hair Color: Chestnut to Auburn color hair. Length Medium to shoulders
Age: 21
Birthday April 26th. Sign: Taurus, stubborn earth sign
Owns a Jackanapes, a monkey named Jackey
Speaks the language of thieves and Shanria


Edred Longshanks
Father: Robert Longshanks a dairy farmer of no importance. Treats Edred fairly. He is an honorable man who works hard to take care of his family. He honestly loves his wife. He knows his wife doesn’t love him. Edred learned his morals from his father. His father would work hard and take care of his family but if there was any family less fortunate than theirs he would do what he could to help them even if it left them with even less. He always helps those who couldn’t help themselves.

Mother: Avice Moure, treats Edred like the black sheep of the family. Has anger and bitterness towards her son. She was once an extremely beautiful daughter of a slightly prominent local merchant. Her father tried to dictate her life to her, as fathers will, and in a rash decision just to anger her father, she used a dairy farmer to sully herself, to get rid of the prized commodity of her virginity. That union got her pregnant with her first child and forced her to become the wife of a dairy farmer. She has been shunned from her family since then, and her will has largely been broken. She accepts the situation she is in but she still looks at her eldest son with great animosity for what the baby he was has done to her life. She accepts her other children with a little more ease because she has resigned herself to her fate. Her youngest daughter is her baby and she treats her the best. She is happy that Elinor was able to get a better position in life then she got but wishes she could have gotten more. She does not love her husband but she accepts that this is all her life will be and will continue to be with him for the rest of her life.

Three siblings:
First sister Elinor 18, three years younger than Edred, born on July 15th Cancer. Auburn hair that reaches her back. Emerald green eyes. She has been married for 4 years to a merchant, named Julius. With that, at least, her grandfather had helped. Elinor has one child and another on the way. The first is a son named Frederick. She lives about an hour away by horse from Robert and Avice, and visits at least twice a month. She is very close to both parents. She treats Edred a little better than their father and a lot better than their mother. They spend time with each other when they can and Edred has met Frederick and will do his best to try and make it back before she gives birth a second time.

Brother Nicholas is 15, 6 years younger than Edred. Born January 4th, hard-working Capricorn. He grew up hearing stories of his older brother’s exploits and grew to think of him as a hero. He idolizes Edred. Very intelligent kid who has helped transform the farm and increase its productivity and its yield. He has helped bring his family to a higher standing due to his creativity and ideas. He has not found a wife yet because he has been too busy focusing on working the dairy farm into the place it is now. Edred is proud of Nicholas and the young man knows it. Nicholas loves Edred and does idolize him but he knows that his place is the farm and he is just slightly jealous of Edred for being able to go on adventures and be “completely free”.

Youngest sister is Isabella at age 13, 8 years younger than Edred. Born December 4th, straight-shooting Saggitarius, he doesn’t care much for eldest brother. Really close to mother, Avice. Isabella is being courted by several gentlemen. She helps her mother with all of the womanly duties around the house but has also helps Nicholas as much as she can with his ideas and concepts. She is a little bit of a tomboy and doesn’t really want to get married yet, but she does know it is part of her duty and won’t shy away from it. She is just as happy with letting it take longer than normal. She doesn’t take much time to think of Edred. She loves her brother in her own way, but she didn’t really see him much growing up so she doesn’t have much more than casual, superficial affection for him.

While Edred was growing up, he traveled to the nearest shire town with his father to sell the family wares. As he traveled through town he saw a mountebank putting on a show with great flare and being very dramatic. After that, every chance he could he would escape to town and watch the performers. He ran away from home at 7.

Edred Longshanks

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