Ellesavalensar (Ellasar)



Ellesar is tall (for an elf) and slender weighing about 9.5 stones. Has brown hair and dark green eyes. Renowned Beastmaster and skilled herbalist.


Son of Malcolm and Melfiavarianna of the House of Emmelmethilsolon. Though his father was a scholar, Ellasar always Identified with the elfin reverence for nature and it’s beauty. *He loved the elf’s culture but unlike his younger brother he could never grasp their social graces. Often giving into the passions of his human heritage he is prone to outbursts where many elfs would know to keep quiet, his younger brother Thal would always be the one bailing him out of trouble, it was good practice for Thal to hone his diplomatic skills. Secretly Ellasar had always admired Thal’s abilities with magic, having very little aptitude for it himself. *During his time with the old players Ellasar even procured a white owl for his brother believing them to be wise and thus innately magical . Ellasar trained the white owl to be a good companion but not to be a defender by any means. Fearing their trip would be dangerous he advised Thal to leave it behind.
Malcolm, being a scholar tried to instill the importance of knowledge and took time to try and teach mathematics and literature to all of his children. He had hopes of his first born following in his footsteps and becoming a scholar. From a young age Ellasar had shown a love of animals and spent nearly every hour of every day possible out with them, however. He would often bring home squirrels, bats, opossums and various other animals home to show the household his new tricks. He swears that he once taught a worm to dance but, when he brought it home, all it did was lay on the dinner table to everyone’s annoyance. If you ask him he swears it was just a bad case of stage fright.
At the age of 15 he took his youngest sister’s beloved dog out to train it to hunt in the wilds against her wishes. The dog was attacked bitten by a deadly poisonous snake and died. Realizing that he could do nothing to save the dog, he did the merciful thing and ended it’s life. Ellasar, nor his sister, has ever forgiven him for this. From that day he vowed to be more careful with the living things he is responsible for, and apprenticed under the local herbalist.
To no one’s surprise and every bit of his father’s dismay he became a Beast Master. His first born forsaking the life of a scholar was a source of disappointment for Malcolm *but fortunately Thal loved the pursuit of knowledge and made his father proud. Ellasar prospered in his own ways though. Slowly earning his well deserved reputation, he eventually got hired by the old players where he earned his Renown as a Beastmaster.

Ellesavalensar (Ellasar)

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