dacre.pngHouse Dacre holds title to a Manor Lordship, owing fealty to the Earl Lindsey. The seat of the honor of Dacre is the fortified manor Erebord, an ancient hall built originally some 3-400 years ago by blonde-haired invaders called Valkurs who once harried the coasts all around the cold North Sea and the waters now called Knight’s Bay, Squire Straits and the somewhat warmer waters of the Page Sea, and traded their wares even throughout The Kingdoms of the West. The Valkurs eventually settled all over the lands that now comprise the current kingdom of Shanria, especially in the region once known as the Hag Law running down the western coast of that half of the realm that lies on the island ([[Hybersus’’, see also “Fallond”).

Lucien Dacre is the eldest son of the house of Dacre, 2nd child of Lady Clare of house Bolingbroke and Lord (Baron) Henry Dacre. He had an elder sister, a younger sister and several siblings that did not survive births or their childhood.

Sir Henry, Lord Dacre, was largely a man of the land who wanted to be a man of the world. He had recently arranged a remarkable feat of trade involving negotiations with the dwarfs of Dwarf Hall in Fallond, of which he was enormously proud.
Lord Penwyth, Earl Maralad, a great man of the kingdom whose lands bordered Dacre’s own at a number of places (despite Dacre’s being a vassal of the earl of Lindsey) made overtures to Lord Henry about being a good lord to him and participating in the deal for a certain amount of consideration (to which he had no right). No matter however gently and adroitly Sir Henry did so, it was clear to Penwyth that he was being rejected.
Sir Arnold was NOT impressed, and even less was he pleased.
There were a series of parties – knives disguised as flowers, and a tournament in which a foreign knight sponsored by the Earl of Maralad hurt Lord Henry’s Master-at-Arms, Sir Evan Quinn, quite badly. Even given Lord Dacre’s lordly resources, Sir Evan faced a lengthy and painful recovery, and it remained to be seen whether he would be fit to see battle again in his official capacity. Sir Henry demanded the knight who had done the deed be brought before him for questioning, but he could not be found.
There was a heated exchange with Penwyth in front of exactly the right people.
The College of Heralds who supervise all such tournaments refused to take part in the squabble.
Lord Dacre sent Penwyth a letter demanding apology. The Earl responded by coming with an army, in the ancient fashion. In the night.
There were torches.
There was screaming.

Days later, bloodied, pale, a young sandy-haired man rode up to the gates of Daldrin Tor, the seat of the Honor of Sir Edgar Lindsey, Earl of Lindsey. Everyone knew already what had happened in Erebord. They were surprised only that he had made it to their gates alive.


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