Realms of Myth

Mistakes were made

So, despite knowing that a stack of our enemies had made their base in the chapel, drawing on all of my tactical knowledge, I decided that it was a good idea to casually open the front door, unarmored and unprepared.

It is fortunate that my armorskin enchantment was still active, as I was utterly surprised when I opened the door and was confronted with one of the Brue. While I fumbled for my weapons, it leapt up and struck me a blow that may have disemboweled me, were it not for this enchantment.

Oak ran out to enact the circle of protection that we had considered the night before.

Despite my opponent being unarmored, I eschewed a slashing attack and instead opted for the inferior maneuver of stabbing the creature.

The stench of their evil was oppressive, but I failed to warn Oak of this upon his return, and he was overpowered.

Since he had completed his protective circle, I thought it okay to toss my swords to the ground and carry him away from the door. Instead of taking a 90 degree angle from the doorway, which would have removed us from the sight of our enemies, I walked straight out. Then, I set Oak on his feet, where he made a perfect target for the archer that I had not noticed in the chapel. Dazed, he was unable to defend himself from the cruel arrow.

Now realizing my mistake, I ran back towards the chapel. I had left my bow with the rest of my gear, but I did still have my magickal implements. Fearing that Oak might not be in any shape to protect himself, I attempted to use flashy magick to draw the fire of our enemies. I figured that if I could just close the chapel door, the circle would protect us.

Sigh … yet another mistake. I know how this spell works, but in my haste, I failed to take into account the fact that the circle was finished outside the chapel, leaving the door within the grasp of the Brue. Upon closing the door, I turned my back, thinking we had time to recover. When the door was flung back open, I was nearly driven to my knees.

Fortunately, Oak was okay, and he was able to light the chapel on fire. The evil Brue, trapped within, were consigned to perdition.

We are lucky that Oak will recover from his injury and that my wound was minor.

I will have to do better next time.


You are being too hard on yourself. We all made the assumption that they fled despite knowing that the Imp had nothing to do with the Brue.

I think we were lucky that you think fast on your feet and that they were all inside the former chapel. Both those things gave us a superior edge in defeating them.

Mistakes were made

“If there was any stupidity there on our part, it was a communal one, and we shall learn from it,” Cawdry dismisses the self-abnegation with a smile.

Mistakes were made

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