Realms of Myth

Pursuing remnants of house Dacre and attracting assassins

Highlights from 2014-02-01

Lucien, Ellasar, Thal, and attendants rode West from Daldrin Tor in Lundeinshire while the dwarf Ogham stayed behind. They travelled to the Five Forests of Mummersetshire to enlist aid and stayed at the Broken Axle Inn in the village of Piddlington. They encountered Ranulf of Ponce, a musician who escaped the tragic extinguishing of the house of Dacre at Erebord. Ranulf knew of others who had escaped and might serve to support Lucien.

Together they traveled to nearby Grendle Tup which is in view of Foxwoerth Hall, the seat of her honor, the Dame of Mummersetshire (a sergeanty held directly from the crown). There they met with Edred Longshanks, a fighting man still willing to serve the house of Dacre who agreed to meet the party the next day at Foxwoerth.

After meeting with Edred the party continued with Ranulf to Foxwoerth, where they were bathed and dressed by attendants in order to dine with the mistress of the feof, Dame Esturme, and also her exceedingly beautiful daughter, the Lady Rhiarra. During the night, an assassin attempted to scale the walls of Foxwoerth and was killed with crossbow bolts as the Hue and Cry was raised against him. Investigation by Ellasar revealed that the assassin had camped some distance outside the walls with one other. Thal and Lucien remained with the body to see what they could learn. To Lucien’s startlement and abject horror, Thal conjured and bound the spirit of the dead assassin to answer some questions. By his Art it was discovered that the assassin was a warrior ordered on a mission by his master Sir Arnold Penwyth, Lord Maralad, to kill Lucien in pursuit of a vendetta against the house of Dacre. Accompanying the assassin there had been one other, named by the dead assassin as Ronan Aldiss, who was discovered by Ellasar to have fled the little encampment by the time he had arrived.

Edred Longshanks met up with the party after the investigation of the assassin, and the party prepared to move out, on their way to Fallond to hire a ship.



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