Thalaniarion (Thal)

half marsh elf wizard and diplomat


Thal is a slim 5’3" half marsh elf who wears fine embroidered silk clothes of obviously elfin make, the sort that make the human folk stop and stare in wonder, to suit his prominent station as a scholar-wizard and display it properly so that he may be known when out in public, and also to facilitate his work as a diplomat, should there be need, but also as a fitting setting for his own native beauty. Even among full-blooded elfs,
With his grey eyes and long, gleaming silver-grey hair hanging to his mid-back, Thal is considered wondrously good-looking, especially so for the fact that he bears mortal blood. He maintains a shaven face where his human heritage allows him to grow a beard, no doubt from having grown up with elfin sensibilities, to fit in a bit better.
Wrapped in an elfin-fine wool cloak, and carries a staff, small bow slung over shoulder, dagger on belt, and light travel gear including a small backpack and belt bags


Thal’s name means “steady flame” and “son” in Sindarin.
Since completing his training as a wizard, Thal sometimes refers to himself as the steady flame. His father, after whom he takes, has a steadily burning thirst for knowledge that drove him without surcease to become the internationally known scholar he is today, and to study with the elfs. That influence has, without a doubt, left a profound impression on Thal.

Love affairs between mortals and elfs are HIGHLY unusual, a matter for the history books, and for the elfin Lady to have fallen for the scholar and then born three children by him was a matter for great rejoicing among the elfs.

One of three legitimate children, Thal and his half elf siblings, all born of the same parents, are the first half elfs to be born in this part of the world for a 1000 years. He is the next younger brother of Ellasar, also in the party.
Among the elfs they are cherished as evidence that love can bridge the distance between the worlds of elf and human.
Mother, Solestrimona, is of noble birth, the equivalent of a contessa in human terms. To hear her tell it was completely surprised – blindsided – by love. While the children have no noble rights nor elfin “inheritance” to speak of, they have never wanted for anything during their lives among the elfs.
Thal’s relationship to his family, his father in particular, is conservative despite the fact that he followed in his footsteps (after a fashion). The man seems slow to forgive, and almost tight-handed even in small matters. His mother is far softer of nature, but she is very careful to admit no favorite, but treats all her children with an even hand.

Thalaniarion (Thal)

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