Realms of Myth

The Campaign Begins:

After a Crisis, a Party forms to Investigate

The house of Dacre was attacked and put to fire and sword, destroyed by agents of the house of Penwyth, Sir Arnold, Earl Maralad.
Only one of the Dacre family survived, the heir Lucien. He found refuge with Earl Lindsey, the liege lord of the Dacre’s, barely making it to the refuge of his lordship’s lands alive.

Half marsh-elf brothers Thalaniarion or Thal and Ellesavalensar (Ellesar) learned an important noble, the Marchioness Lucinda, was abducted from the marshes of their home by the Rolluntinduil, taken to the town of Digby, and then set sail with the most notorious of all pirates, James the Black.

The dwarf alchemist, Ogham, working in Fallond in the resplendant enclosed ghetto called Dwarf Hall with its over-built enclosed streets with clerestory windows such as are found in cathedrals elsewhere, found himself the only one of his kind remaining, after a dust-up between the accepted pagan faith and the Church of the Light over “benefit of clergy” regarding the high crimes of a foreign witch against the dwarf community. Ogham had work to do – he had only just completed his apprenticeship and started his practice. To have fled along with the rest without making sure that everything he had in the works was completed and delivered would have destroyed his name, professionally.

Thal and Ellesar came to the dwarf’s ghost-town shop, Thal for his usual purchase of ritual supplies, Ellesar for healing herbs to save himself the time it would otherwise take to forage them. A short conversation later an offer was made and a contract struck with Ogham for his services on retainer. The three left Fallond in haste to bring word of the abduction of the Marchioness Lucinda to Lucien, Lord Dacre, who was being hosted by the Contessa of Lindsey, Earl Lindsey being absent on an extended hunting excursion.

Plans were made to travel west to the 5 Forests of Mummersetshire to secure allies, friends of Lucien, then to Fallond to secure passage to the dingy and dangerous pirate haven of Digby by ship.



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