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Catching Up

Cawdry visits the elves, Mr. Frodo

I had an in-person RP session with Richard to catch Caudraí up, and we ended with C. arriving with some company at Rhiannon’s Pool a day after the party. He asked me to prep for the next session; so here we are

Caudraí listens to the story of his companions’ travel to the Forest, to their battle. Whether he wondered why they did not send word to him to watch out for ambush or not, they did not know, as his face was as smooth as a linen napkin at the Gregory.

He nods at the end of their quick story, looking at the sheathe. Looking back, he nods again.

“Impressive work with the false Knights. With the darkness closing in, everyone who sees the Light is of great value. I think we learned that, Cael, in the Nightwood.”

“Speaking of the Light, these red men who came with me on the road are part of a secret order i’ve not heard of. They carry astonishing skill among them, and a great dedication to some purpose far away. They had some knowledge of my movements and great knowledge of Fallond. I do not wish to trust them, but strangely I do,” he looks away. “Perhaps we are not alone in all of this?”

He bites his lip, comes out of reverie, “Lord John, your commander sends his well-wishings and his greetings. I thought after what I saw in the capital, and what we have been through, that someone in the Church of the Light should be warned of what was happening – someone who would care…. Someone who might pick up our work if we do not succeed.” Caudraí laughs, “He also refused to loan me trebuchets and greek fire without explanation.”

“It seems to me from my own little Progress about the capital that not only is the Capital leadership of the Light’s Church full of persons corrupt, but they also clearly knew precisely who I was – and not in a historical context from our… dealings with Rustin et. al.”

After a settling silence, he looks at Arthur, and his face is full of grief, and the old fear that was on him when he was pretending to be Lucien. “I spoke to Thal, and Peregrinus when I was in Fallond,” he said like that meant something. He cleared his throat and wiped his face.

“I put a few things together, and I do not know it with the proof that I could provide in a mortal court,” he glances at Cael. “Arthur. Cael. St. Tarran was murdered. What you felt was the sword-stroke that cleaved his body collarbone to hip. The only sort of sword that could have made a blow like that is enchanted.” He is clearly thinking of a blood-soaked alley and Ogham emotionlessly stripping his blade of gore.

“With what you said of Lady Bess’ screams, I feel a great movement has begun by the dark. My belief is that Tarran went to rescue Eberolf, and that he fell into a trap, and was murdered by Eberolf’s own blade. I have no basis for this belief, but I think it is what would hurt us most, and so I think it is true.”

In the stunned silence, he sits up and looks at Oak. “It is good to see you again. You look … revived among your people. I wonder if they have any resource to tell us what has become of the Lady Bess?”


:)… ooc… Who the heck is Lord John?

In character…

We would have sent word of the ambush but since all the living members of the mercenary group were captured by us, we felt that you would not be in danger.

Caudri, do not grieve for St. Tarrin, He knew it was coming and he is not gone, you will see him again upon the night of Samhain. Remember your dream of the other night…I confess that I witnessed it and it spoke of certain truths. I meant not to pry but I found myself within your dream, although I don’t believe you saw me. The thing about your dream is that If Odin or actually should say your St. Tarrin was not in the underworld at that time, Cael blowing the horn would have disrupted a great balance. As in your dream Cernunnos was not in the underworld at the time. This is true since this is the time he walks the earth. Had Odin not been in the underworld to answer the call of the horn, it would have forced Cernunnos back into the underworld… the seasons would have been misplaced and all magical and spiritual forces would have been tainted. Although the trap was set to purpose, Tarrin knew what was going to happen and I believe he sacrificed himself for such purpose. This is why when I spoke to him about the matter he mentioned that things are not quite what they seem.

As for Lady Bess and her screams, I am going to speak with the guardian spirit of the sheath and see what he knows of it.

Catching Up

(ooc: Lord John is the Commander of the order of the Knights of St. Tarran. for the realm of Shanria)

Caudraí nods, "Ah, I see. Well, I’m not certain that was all who sought for us, but perhaps the ‘minstrels’ I arrived with vanished for other purposes.

“As for St. Tarrin… I appreciate what we saw in the woods (as far as I may), and I think I apprehend what it might mean as you say. But I’m not certain you have the right of it. St. Tarrin was… something separate here in this world from that mighty creature who led the Horned God’s hunt. I believe Tarrin was an anchor in this world for the Light, and that particular being has been destroyed, and that all who anchored their Light through him – those mystics who worked through His local presence – may now be devoid of their power. I also believe that the protections he afforded those in service to the Light will now fade – a concern that Lord John seconded.

“As for the sheathe, I await your true voice!”

Catching Up

In matters of your faith , I feel bad that I have no way to put you at ease. I can only give things of the perspective I have. I apologize that my understanding of it differs. I know It would be foolish of me to claim to know the mindset of the gods, but I truly believe that . I did not understand and find it hard to believe that those mystics would be devoid of power since he is not gone. This is a thing of faith. I have always seen Tarrin as ODIN and never in the same guise that you perceive.

I think it best to introduce you to the mystics here are the pool and hopefully they can help you where I fail. I will venture off tomorrow and see if I can gain more insight as to the protections and how they will be balanced. Even though I suspect that what i have to say on the matter means very little since it is your faith that has taken a blow.

Catching Up

One misconception I need to clear up:
The minstrels that accompanied Caudrai to Easton are Scarlet Brothers, perceived by the general populace as a very important and internationally reputable guild of minstrels based out of Silver Hand Hall on the Isle of Umbria, part of ancient Vitullia.

While the guild members are greatly respected, and the guild is widely known throughout all the East, the Middle Kingdoms, and perhaps into the West, as well, this was the first time that Caudrai had ever spent any time in close quarters with them. Through his finely honed social skills he came to recognize over the course of their travels together that those minstrels were FAR more than they generally purported to be, that they are definitely the keepers of deep and extensive secrets, and likely more interested in that than in their ostensible, cultivated “trade”.

While the Church decries such frivolity generally, it has never attacked them directly, BUT their members are also not allowed the freedom of the halls and houses of the Church, but only briefly to remain in their guesthouses like any other travelers.

Catching Up

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