Lady L'Estrier - Pascaline Didot

From the flower-growing regions in the warmer southlands of the kingdom, Pascaline is the first daughter of Mahieu Didot, Lord Crenntier; 2 of her brothers died in the taking of the Bloody Crescent, and she is the first child of Mahieu and his younger wife Eglantine.

Originally a merchant family from the Sunlit lands of the south where pirates sail ships on sand instead of sea, the Didot family has risen and fallen with the centuries.

Currently, they trade in cows, lavendar, saffron and vanilla beans. (The vanilla is a new crop for them, with which they’ve had some initial success.)

Pascaline is clear-eyed, tans easily, dark-haired with sudden strands of gold. Her eyes are like tiger agates. She has a wide smile and a powerful frown. She likes riding possibly more than Caudraí does. Raised in the country in a working dairy and orchard house, she is good with her hands and loves the earth.

After Caudraí had a talk with her one afternoon about being true partners, and her not being too retiring, she looked at him with wide eyes, and then threw her head back, and her laughter peeled from the nearby dyke. She has a tendency to get interesting ideas into her head and then follow them through to interesting result.

In as much as Caudraí wants to elevate the people and the position of L’Estrier, Pascaline would like to elevate the estates, the lands – the country itself. Bringing her ideas from the south but with an open mind to the witches and wise folk of the northern counties, she is dedicated, curious, clever, and has a family history of getting pregnant at the drop of a hat.
She is nothing if not passionate.
Her faith in the Light is strong and true, but there is much about the institutions of the Church that trouble her, of which she has shared but little with anyone beside her governess, Oribelle, who serves these days as her chief Chatelaine.

Lady L'Estrier - Pascaline Didot

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