the 7 swords of the Pagans

The Swords of Weyland Smith, The Swords of the Dvergar,
Orias [pagans watching over]: control of spirits
Morag [pagans watching over]: summoning spirits
Eligor (stolen) [Cael has claimed the magick of the sword through its scabbard]: prophecy
Balmung (lost): beguilement/ensorcelment
Flowras (lost): hex with sickness
Solas (lost): alchemy (creation of magickal potions?)
Albion (stolen) [Caudrai has claimed the magick of the sword through its scabbard]: can’t be killed while holding

Lady Bizarre warned that the swords each carry a curse. She did not know all of the curses and which swords they accompanied. She spoke of the following curses :

One of the swords can only be passed to another person by the murder of the previous owner.

One of the swords renders any type of Armor useless to the one who wields it while carrying it on his person.

One MUST extinguish a life every time it is drawn.

One must fail/ betray its wielder when it is needed most.

One inspires the wielder to commit a dastardly (usually honor breaking) deed each time it is drawn.

The other curses she did not know of.

After Lady Bizarre left, Oak met up with one of his acquaintances who is a scholar of history and gave him additional knowledge that night he told his companions that the swords were forged by the dvergar. Rollo placed the curses upon the swords after they were forged. It is rumored that this was an act of vengence against the pagans and their gods for turning their backs on his people and in turn the dwarves.

Rollo told King Clovis (the only King to rule over both human and elf) that gathering the swords together would allow him to cheat death and live for thousands of years if not grant immortality.

Clovis died waiting for the swords to be gathered thinking that the swords would be able to bring him back.

We have been working with the knowledge that the swords brought together could rip through the very fabric between the spirit world and ours.

the 7 swords of the Pagans

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