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The Kingdom of Shanria

Marchioness Lucinda
Well, we found her, then lost her again, then found her, then gave her to the Queen.

Earl of Fisher – Rustin Kingfisher, the Earl ruling over the marshes in which the isle and town of Digby lies

Earl of Maralad – Sir Arnold Penwyth, who slaughtered Dacre

Sir Edgar Dacre, Earl Lindsey – Dacre’s liege lord

Dacre – Lucien’s House

L’Estrier – Cawdry’s House


Noteworthy Places

Fallond – the Capitol
The Rolluntinduil
Five Forests of Mummersetshire
Grendle Tup
Foxwoerth Hall
Isle of May
The Nightwood
The Black Hills
The Spithrenduil
Lamneth Palace
The Low Marches
East March
West March
South March
The Low Countries

Unresolved threads for future consideration

History and Magic

the 7 swords of the Pagans

Plots and Counterplots

the current court cases

Main Page

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